Akagera National Park

Established in 1934, the Akagera National Park is gaining popularity and asserting itself as Rwanda’s Big 5 game park.

It is located on the north-eastern edge of Rwanda, bordering Tanzania, and incorporates the Kagera River, hence its name Akagera.

The park serves to protect animals and vegetation in three habitats: savannah, mountain and swamp. Focusing on “big game”, Akagera currently includes African Elephant, Buffalo, Zebra, Giraffe and a variety of antelope.

Plans to re-stock the park with Lions and Rhinos are at an advanced stage.



Akagera and it’s lakes are home to many Hippopotamus and the Nile Crocodile – the world’s largest reptile.

It is recognized as one of the best spots for bird-watching in Rwanda.

The diverse habitats of the park encourage a wide variety of bird species to the area.

Akagera is indisputably the best place in Rwanda to find savannah birds and raptors.

It is also well-stocked with water-birds and one of the few places where the less common birds living amongst the papyrus swamps can be spotted.